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The transshipment table for container loading

Since 2011, the Tyumen machine-tool plant produces loading and transfer devices for placing long length and large-capacity cargo such as packages of lumber, scrap metal, bulk cargo and saw logs into 20, 40 and 45-feet containers, without removing them from the vehicle. All the development takes place in the workshops of the machine tool plant, intellectual property is confirmed by a patent, individual modifications according to customer's needs are possible.

SPK-1 for loading containers with sawn lumber
Loading of scrap metal, bulk cargo and saw logs
Lift table with a loading polymer plate

Russian patents: 2570615, 2591101.

Lift table SPK-1

The device operates as follows: container carrier arrives at the end of the platform, the operator adjusts the height and lateral displacement, locks the container by means of hydraulic grabs. Packages with a cargo are placed on top on traverses of longitudinal conveyor close to the pushing shield. Then drives of the conveyor are switched on, and packages are transferred into the empty container. After loading the operator decompresses hydraulic grabs.

3 minutes
Container loading time
2 month
Development ETA
1 year

Such a loading complex is best suited to work with motor vehicles of any height and size. It allows you to not only increase the carrying capacity of the warehouse, but also makes it possible to quickly change technological and logistic schemes of loading operations.

Product specifications

Characteristics are specified for the basic model, figures may change depending on modifications.

Up to 40 tons
Lifting capacity
10 tons
2800 mm
14 300 mm
1200 — 1800 mm

Devices for loading scrap metal, bulk cargo and saw logs

The device comprises of a lift table including a rectangular frame, which carries 4 lifting hydraulic cylinders resting on 4 supports. Four hydraulic cylinders for horizontal movement of the platform are mounted outside the frame on its transverse beams, which is fixed on carriages above the frame. Four chain cross conveyor is mounted on the table platform. A crossbeam with mechanisms of hydraulic coupling of the table with the container body is fixed at the end of the platform. On top of the table platform a movable frame is mounted on four saddle-shaped rollers, which can move along triangular guides disposed on the top edges of the platform by means of four chain reversible conveyor along the entire length of the platform. This frame is pivotally connected to the bin for scrap metal, which can also move along with this frame along support beams of the platform and enter the container body. In order to reduce the friction of the bin with support beams and the floor of the container bearers are fixed below on its support spars made of zedex material - ZX or high-molecular fluoroplastic. A pusher with thrust shield located inside the bin and designed for unloading scrap metal from the bin and into the container is mounted on top of the movable frame.

Product specifications

Up to 40 tons
Lifting capacity
18…20 tons
2350 mm
14 000 mm
1200 — 1600 mm

Lift table with a loading polymer plate

Lift table with a loading polymer plate for filling of 20 and 40-foot containers consists of the platform 1 placed on a rectangular frame 2. Lifting and lowering of the platform 1 is carried out by four hydraulic cylinders 3 installed in the corners of the frame 2. The horizontal movement of the platform 1 is performed using sliding carriages along cross beams of the frame 2 with four hydraulic cylinders fixed on the outer end faces of the frame 2. A cross conveyor with tension axes 11 and the drive shaft 16, which consists of two identical shafts interconnected through jaw clutch is mounted on the top of the platform 1. A cart with a loading plate is fixed on chains of the transporter moving on 4 rollers along triangular guides. The drive shaft 16 on both rear sides of the platform is connected through sprockets with a bush roller chain with two drive stations 17. At the end of platform 1 on a removable beam a frame is placed with a carriage for locking of cargo while pulling the polymer sheet from the container, thrust retractable traverse with a drive from a hydraulic cylinder designed for complete pushing of packages into a container is mounted on the carriage frame.

Grips levers driven by hydraulic cylinders and serving for coupling a lift table with the container body are installed on both ends of the removable beam.

Full-cycle development on our own production base

Limited liability company Tyumen Machine-Tool Plant is one of the oldest machine-building enterprises not only in Tyumen and West-Siberian region but in Russia as a whole. The plant was founded in the nineteenth century - in 1899. Today Tyumen machine-tool plant is the largest plant on manufacturing of circular saw machines in Russia.

SPK1 Overview

The video shows basic mechanisms of the Lift table "SPK-1". Video is taken in the workshop of the Tyumen machine-tool plant. Watch on YouTube

Loading of a container in  3 minutes

Container loading with "SPK-1" by "Tyumen Machine Tool Plant", 2015. Watch on YouTube

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